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House Pricing in Mareeba

Real estate in Mareeba is growing, with land expansions and housing estates buying and selling up. When it comes to buying and selling it’s good to know where the market is.

Sell prices for houses will rise and fall and the real estate market is always changing. If you’re looking to sell, you will want the full value for your property and to sell quickly. If you’re looking to buy however, you’ll be looking for value for money and what is affordable for you.

That’s where the median price come in. How much are you expecting to buy and sell for? Well keeping up with the median sell price in your area is a good start. Your Investment Property magazine has an online Suburb Profile Report showing updated median sale prices for houses and units in your area.

As of September, this year the Median price was $312,250. Add in that just a few months earlier in June the price was $295,000 you can see that the market has trends.


If you’re looking to sell, putting your property up for sale during the lower times could mean a quicker sale. Don’t fall into the trap of selling for less than what your house is worth though! Also, putting up for sale during high median times can prove a profit if you’re planning on selling for less than your competition.


What about the buyers? Well the property market can be hard to get into, especially if you aren’t familiar with purchasing a house. Like most home buyers you’ll have a budget and when purchasing your home in Mareeba. This can be helpful as you’ll see what you might be paying for a home in the next month or so.

Many factors can contribute to a change in property prices, like which houses are being sold. Are they older? What about property size and location? These are all important things to remember when looking to buy your new house in Mareeba. Contact us for advice and view our range of new properties you can make your new home.

Written by Shaan Patterson.

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